Budget is the central category of the game and situated in the middle of your menu tree. This category has the following functions.



The survey site displays a general table of information about the financial situation of your team. This overview is splitted into three steps:

  • Sum
    This section presents you the most important value, your current capital. It also shows you in detail how it is computed. Income and expenditures are split into two columns each also split into fix and variable costs as different rows.
  • Fix
    Fixed costs or fixed income are all one time payments or incomes. This section is also split into income and expenditures and all cost centers.Recorded are bought car items, repair costs or all things that get bought.
  • Variable
    Variable costs and incomes are mostly depended on points that are received during season. It is hard to calculate this costs, so it is important to keep an eye on it.

The survey is only a source of static information, there is no possible interaction to do.


Finanzen Einnahmen Ausgaben

On this detail site, you get a list of all transactions that were done. The list also contains the date and time of all account movements with a text and the appropriate sum. On this site you also have no interaction.


Finanzen Sponsor

This is the most important site under budget.At the first call you will see offers for both, main sponsors and tire sponsors.There are always three offers that suitable for your league and the team class but they are random.

Main sponsor

A main sponsor has only one purpose for a team, it pays money. There are two different values:

  • Capital
    This value is the contract value and the sponsor will pay the full sum directly without any delay.
  • Bonus
    The bonus is for points. The sponsor will pay you the amount for every point your drivers will get during the season. The money will be transfered after each race.

After you signed a contract to one of your offers, this sponsor is your main sponsor for the rest of the season, there is o further interaction possible. You can always see the values of your sponsor.

Tire sponsor

A tire sponsor also pays your money like the main sponsor. But further that, a tire sponsor has a second complete different function. It delivers you tire sets for the Grand Prix weekend. When choosing a tire sponsor, it is important to compare the tire statistics. Each tire sponsor delivers different tires with different characteristics. Decide which tire set fits best to your team and your tactics:

  • dry and rain tires
    The racing commission descides which tire (dry or rain) you have touse. This is done by the overall weather of the weekend.
  • hard and soft tires
    You can use hard or soft tires for your cars. The two have completely different characteristics.
  • attrition and lap number
    The performance of your tire depends on two values. This is the lap number of the tire, the longer you drive with the same tire, the worst is performs. The other value is attrition. The performance of the tire is different for each lap number. Hard tires are better after some rounds, soft tires are best the first rounds. The diagram describes this tire performance.

Tire types

There are two tire types in this game. In qualification and race you have to use both of them at least one time. The two types have the following differences:

  • hard
    Hard tires need more time to reach the optimal lap times.This means the fastest possible lap can be driven in lap 5 to 10. The main advantage of hard tires is that they can drive longer with a constant performance and they get worse after a long time. The disadvantage is, that hard values are not as fast as soft tires. Hard tires are good for long races.
  • soft
    Soft tires are the fastest tires with the best performance. They are ideal for qualification. A soft tire has its best performance approximately till lap 10. After this, the tire gets worse very fast. This tire is perfect for qualification.