The statistics view has many subcategories and represents a lot of information about drivers, teams and managers.



At the tracks menu you see the season calendar with all tracks, the order, all informations about nation, track profile and date of the race. If a race was already computed, you can see the result again. The list also displays the name of the drivers who won the race in each league.

Team information

This site gives you all relevant information about the teams in your league and other teams in other leagues.You find the team name, manager, driver ,sponsor and tire sponsor information in a very useful table. You can also filter by league.

Drivers championship


The drivers championship is a list of drivers sorted by the number of points they already got that season. You can see how good your own drivers are and how much points do you need to get world champion. Again you can filter this list by league.

Team championship


The teams championship is equal to the drivers championship. Teams are sorted by the number of points they got the current season. You can see how much points you need to get world champion. The list also shows you ascender and descender of the league. Again a filter for league will show you the current situation in other leagues.

Managers championship


The managers championship is a little bit different to the other two championships. It counts the number of points over all seasons. So you can compete with other managers to see how is the best manager of all time.

Youth league

The youth league is an additional rating for drivers and teams. If you want to take part, you have to use the third car, your training car. Every trainings round counts, each car has the same items (only V00 are allowed). Which youth driver drives the fastest training laps?