On this menu point you find everything that belongs to your cars.



The survey shows you all racing cars and your training car. The first interaction is to set a driver,, a car can only have one driver and a driver can only drive one car. The driver can be changed till the training is over. If the qualification is already computed, the drivers cannot be changed till the next training starts. Apart from the drivers, the site also gives a list of all items for this car. You can change the risk level of each one, see the skill level and also the current condition.

With the risk value, you can tune your items individually. The values shows you the normal skill of the item and the skill it will have if you use the highest risk. Be warned. The higher the risk, the faster the condition gets worse. If the condition drops under 1 percent the car will stop with a technical damage.


Wagen Lager

In stock are all car items that you have bought. You can do a number of different interactions with it:

  • assign
    Items can be assigned to a racing car. There are only two rules for that: 1. an item can only be assigned to one car, 2. a training car can only use V00 items.
  • remove
    If an item is assigned to a car, you can remove it. A removed item goes back to stock.
  • repair
    If the condition of the item is below 100 percent you can repair it. The costs for repairing items depends on the costs of the item and the current condition.
  • sell
    You can also sell your items. You have to mention, the you will never get the full purchase price back. The current sell price depends on the current condition of the item.

In stock you can also filter by item type. This is helpful to see if you already have bought a special item type or not.

Item market

Wagen Shop

You start the game with a team with an empty stock. You have to buy items! So you need to open item market site and buy individual items. There are 10 different types of it, all with different versions with different costs. You have to mention:

  • V00
    This items are free to use and costs no money. This is ideal for small teams without a budget or for your training car.
  • V01 – V10
    This versions of items costs money. They are much better than V00 items and used for racing cars. It depends on your team class if you can buy better items. A league 3 team will never be able to buy V10 items. Only items are shown that you are able to buy. If you have no money, only V00 items are visible!

You can buy items directly. They are in your stock. The “in stock” column shows you how much items of that type are already in your stock.