The profile site shows you all informations about your current logged in manager.


Apart from information about your Name, date and time of the last login there are some interesting settings to do:

  • Create manager picture
    With an interactive picture program you can create your own individual manager picture. This picture is shown other players in various screens.
  • Refresh time
    This is the time in seconds you will see the standing of one round for qualification and race.
  • Language
    You can switch languages as you like. A change will display texts from the choosen language. You can change it on your login page too.
  • Change your password
    With this formular you can change the password of your login. The change is done immediately, this means the next time you have to login, you need to use the new password.
  • Delete profile
    If you do not want to play Formula todream anymore, you can delete your profile. All data will be deleted. Be careful. After a successfull delete, all profile data is deleted and we have no way to reset it. You data (login name, password, userrname, E-Mail address, …) will be deleted from our database. You team will be managed by an AI till another user want to manage it.

You can reach you personal profile page from the upper right corner everywhere in the game.