The driver area is split into this 3 categories.



In your driver survey you get general informations about all of your drivers. This site is your primarily source of information about drivers. You get static information like the nationality, age and current contract information. For the financial information, you have following possibilities – depending on the driver:

  • sell
    Normal drivers can be sold during the season. The sell price depends on the current morale of the driver and his sell price. The worse it is, the lower will be the sell price. You can only get a maximum of 80 percent of the purchase price back.
  • end of career
    Youth drivers that are hired can not be sold. You can only end their career. Attention! You can only hire a certain amount of youth drivers each season, so be careful to end someone’s career.

A very important survey is located under the driver information. This table gets you the current driver strengths and also displays how they change during season. You can actively change the values by driver training.


Fahrer Training

This site shows you training plans for your drivers. You can set up individual workouts for each day of week. This planned training is done week per week till it gets changed again. For each type of workout, you get a detailed table of information. This table shows how individual values will cahnge. Each driver skill may gets worse (-1 or -2) or gets better (+1). The percentage display next to it indicates how likely this change occurs. The following workouts are possible:

  • no training
    Nothing will be trained (default). This workout, if you can tell it so, is important for morale of the driver. Leisure makes your driver happy.
  • Stamina
    Stamina trains the drivers Stamina, but also Persistence and Speed.
  • Freshness
    The freshness is particularly important in the everyday stresses of a professional racing driver. This can be improved by mental training. Your driver likes this workout, so it also affects his morale.
  • Speed
    Improves the driver’s speed value. Your driver loves to drive fast, so this workout also affects his morale.
  • Persistence
    In addition to speed, the second important driver property. A good persistance leads to less accidents and constant lap times.
  • Free time
    Is nearly the same as “no training”. But here the workout is optimized, so all negative effects are less bad.
  • extended training
    Appart from all normal workouts, there are extended versions. A specially trained coach provides well better results, but these workouts cost money.

For your training, there is one very important additional rule. For the weekend (saturday and sunday), the negative effects of your workout is doubled. So take care!

Transfer market

Fahrer Transfermarkt

On transfer market you will find a list of all drivers that have no contract with one of the teams. The list depends on your budget, it only lists drivers that you can afford. This list of drivers can be sorted by individual driver skills or costs. With this you can find the perfect driver for your team.

Buy drivers

You can’t buy drivers directly.You can make a bid and you get displayed the chance to get that driver. Other managers can also bid for this driver, other bids may change your chance of success. So it is a good idea to check the current bid regularly. A driver accepts the best bid 48 hours after the first bid was placed.

Youth driver

The last driver on your transfer list is a placeholder for youth drivers. You can engage a youth driver directly. His name, nationality and other values like driver skills are computed randomly. His driving skills may be lower than other drivers, but you can train your youth driver to get much better.