This is the main menu point of the whole game. You will visit this menu very often. It is split into the three days of a Grand Prix weekend.

All three submenu points are similar and show you information about your driver and his or her race car. You can see the drivers image his or her name and all effects done by your mechanics. Apart from that you see a value for your driver and your car in percentage. This gives you a hint how good you are.You will see, that with other car items or better trained drivers this values will be better or worse. Take care of it!

Below this information you find sliders. With this sliders you can make your setup. This is divided into:

  • Rounds
    How many rounds do you want do drive? In training, this value says how much rounds a driver will drive till he comes back to your garage. In qualification you can set how many rounds the driver should drive in each qualification session. For the race you can setup how many rounds a driver drive rounds till he makes the next pit stop.
  • Tires
    You can see all tires you have for this weekend. You have to choose which tire set you want to drive with. Each tire set shows how many kilometers are driven with it and shows you how good they are.
  • Front wings
    You set the angle for your front wing. The higher the angle the higher will be the traction on the front axis.
  • Rear wings
    You set the angle for your rear wing. The higher the angle the higher will be the traction on the rear axis.
  • Front suspension
    For the front suspension you can set it harder or softer. If it is softer, your front tires will spring better.
  • Rear suspension
    For the rear suspension you can set it harder or softer. If it is softer, your rear tires will spring better.
  • Tire pressure
    This is another important value to change the traction of your car. The tire setting depends mostly on the track surface and the current weather.
  • Brake balance
    You can vary the brake balance from the middle of the car to the front or to the back.
  • Gearbox
    Your gearbox is very important if the track has many curves. It varies the gearing of your car.



The training can be used to find your perfect setting for the rest of the Grand Prix weekend. Each driver has 60 rounds to drive. The better your setup, the faster the lap times. Can you find the perfect setup and drive the fastest lap?

If the qualification is computed, you will only see the result of the training. You can filter this result by tire types to see if other drivers may have problems with special tire types. You can also see the results of all other leagues.

Driver comment

After setting a number of rounds, and all car settings, your driver can drive some rounds. After that you see his or her fastest lap and your driver may give you some hints. The driver comments depends on the number of driven rounds. After one round a driver may not give you a comment. The comment is always the worst setting, so if it is not colored red, you are on a good way to the perfect setting. You can drive training rounds till the qualification was computed.



For qualification you can set up individual setups for each of the three qualification sessions. You can also set the numer of rounds your driver should drive, but not more than 12 rounds. Please remember, that you have to use both types of tires. Otherwise your driver will be disqualified.


If the qualification as computed, you can watch it. The result ist presented as an interactive animated list of round times. Each session is displayed seperatly and after each session a number of drivers will be eliminated. Are you able to get into the third session?



For the race the setup is equal to qualification. You can make up to 10 individual settings, with different numbers of laps. After each setting, the driver will make a pit stop.

For your race tactics, please take care of this important points:

  • you always have to do at least two different settings, you can only drive 40 rounds without a pit stop
  • you have to do as much settings, that the total number of rounds is equal of higher the number of laps for this track. Otherwise your driver wont reach the goal line.
  • the first setup has the same tire than the last setting in qualification (third session). Please take care, that your tire is not in a too bad condition.

For most races you only need two settings with one pit stop.A good tactic could be to drive more sessions with 3,4 or even 5 pit stops. This depends on your tires and the current track. The race settings site displays a table that prints out your settings. With this you have a good overview when a driver makes his or her pit stop.


The presentation of the race is optimized for a maximum of action. You see an animated table which shows you the standing of each lap. You can watch the laps one by one. Accidents and pit stops and Safty Car laps make the race very interesting and fascinating.

After the last round, you see the result of the race. You have now to opportunity to see the ceremony and hear the hymn of the winning drivers nation. You also get a good overview how much championship points each driver receives for this race.