The mechanics site is split into two areas:



This site gives you an survey of all mechanics of the team. The information on the top of the page shows you how your mechanic affects your driven lap times:

  • Pit stop time
    If mechanics are assigned to work for pit stops, they reduce the time it takes to do the pit stop during race. The amount of time that is safed depends on the number of assigned mechanics and their skill level at pit stop.
  • Setup
    Each assigned mechanic improves your setup value of all cars. With better setup values, your cars will drive faster lap times. This effect depends on the race, it is different for each race.
  • Tires
    The effect is nearly the same as for setup, but only for your tire value (which is the most important value for lap time!).
  • Repair
    Car items get broken after some time and you have to buy new items or repair old ones. Assigned mechanics maintain this items much better, so they get worse much slower.

Each mechanic has different values (as drivers also) for all mechanic skills. All skills are effected by morale. Morale can change during season, values for all mechanic skills are constant for the lifetime of a mechanic.

Mechanics can be sold for an amount of money. How much you will get depends on the cost of this mechanic.

Transfer market

Mechaniker Transfermarkt

The transfer market from mechanics works as the transfer market from drivers.A table shows all free mechanics that do not have a contract with a team. The table can be sorted by each mechanic value or costs. So you can find mechanics that are perfect for your team. The main difference to driver transfer market is, that mechanics are bought directly, no bids were made. Each team can buy up to 10 mechanics.